Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel in style

I had to share this recent purchase with you. Its only been sitting in my shopping cart for about a month+!

But thanks to its new sale price and a little encouragement from my lovely friend Jacin, I finally pulled the trigger on the pale pink one!
(on sale!)

Is this not the perfect pleated maxi dress you ever did see?! The emerald and coral colors are gorgeous too.

Oh, and I will most certainly be wearing this on the trip to ITALY we just booked! Beyond excited!!! This is a trip this girl never thought she would get to do.

Any suggestions or recommendations??? Pretty please!


Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

This dress is gorgeous!! We are going to live vicariously through you when you go to Italy!! That is so exciting!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Unknown said...

I saw Jacin post about this too (love the emerald!) & I adore the dress! I haven't pulled the trigger & bought it yet :-)

always, koru kate

Amanda || Eclectic Snapshots said...

Oh my amazing! This is gorgeous and I'm so happy you bought it!

viv said...

Amazing dress!

Rebecca and Lori said...

What a gorgeous dress! I'm so jealous you're going to Italy; we we're supposed to go this summer, but it's looking like we will have to wait until next summer. It looks like I'll be coming to you for advice instead!

Jessica said...

Love that dress. I've been eyeing the emerald one!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous dress! Just perfect!

Win a pair of sunglasses:

My-cliffnotes said...


henning love said...

oh my gosh i want to be you right now planning your trip to italy and this dress would be a perfect vacation dress!! lucky you!

lucia m said...

loving that dress!



Laura said...

Absolutely stunning dress, love it! Italy, how exciting! :)