Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trip to Italy: Rome

After our amazing trip to Italy, I wanted to do a recap post of our adventures.

Our two week trip to Italy started in Rome. Absolutely gorgeous!

We stayed in an apartment in the heart of Rome. We were walking distance from most of the major sites. Even if a fairly long walk, it was so nice to explore & Rome the city.
Apartment on Via Tacito

The first day we did a walking tour of ancient Rome. This tour led us to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.
 Colosseum (interior view)

Roman Forum

Trevi Fountain


The nice part about being part of the tour group (besides all the information and knowledge we gained from the guide) was skipping all the entry lines.

The next day we walked to St. Peter's Square- the place everyone waited when the new pope was being elected. That evening we did another walking tour; this time visiting the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
View of Rome from the Vatican Museum

Here were some of the delicious places we dined while in Rome:

Palazzaccio (Delicious, open late, and so friendly and accommodating.)
Ristorante Quirino (The food and the front patio were both lovely.)
Antica Enoteca (Great spot for lunch. Close to the major shopping areas and a hidden gem in the area.)
Grazia & Graziella (I loved the food and the interior decor. And the bonus is the after dinner limoncello drink.)

Grom (We went to the one in the Piazza Navona. It was one of my favorites of the trip!)
Gelateria Pasticceria (Right next to Trevi Fountain. Gelato is delicious and they also have a homemade cannoli bar!)

I will also get posts up of the Tuscany region, Cinque Terre and Milan.

Let me know if you're headed to Italy, I would be happy to help and offer up our experience and recommendations!

All photos taken by me (or the bird).


viv said...

I love Italy! And Europe in general so I'm swooning over these pictures...

Laura said...

Yay! Photos look fab :) can't wait to see the rest xo

Jillian said...

GORGEOUS photos! i cant wait to see more. i'd love some italy recommendations. i'll def pin this post in the meantime. xo jillian

Leslie said...

Gorgeous part of the world! Your pictures are wonderful.. We yet to travel here and are looking forward to it! Looking forward to seeing more and I'll save these restaurant recommendations.


Jessica said...

Makes my heart yearn for Italy! I could wander those streets for days. Photos are beautiful. And looks like you had nice weather!

Unknown said...

Color me jealous! I've never been to Italy. Your trip looks fab, I can't wait to visit one day!

always, koru kate

Amy Breckenridge said...

your photos are amazing...isn't rome gorgeous? i was there in 2007 {seems so long ago now!} and loved it.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh my heavens, trip of a lifetime!!! It's so incredible there and you can't help but have ridiculously cool pictures! So amazing!

Johanna said...

Great recap. I can't wait to visit Rome one day. Now I am craving gelato.

Michelle said...

I've always loved the energy of Rome!

ALLIE NYC said...

Gosh I am so jealous I sooooooo want to travel. I want to go to Paris but feel like I am never going to get there!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Val said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! I love visiting Rome, such a gorgeous city :)
Hope you had a wonderful time!
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Looks like you had wonderful weather! i love the Pantheon and of course the Colosseum!

bridechic said...

How I truly envy you! Great pics

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

Oh I love that you are recapping!! I want to get to Italy one day!! Gorgeous pictures and can't wait to see more!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Marie said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! Rome is so fantastic!! Glad you had a good time.

Best, Mree

Alexa said...

Oh my goodness this post is making want to go back to Italy. One of my favorite places! So glad you had a great time!

Rebecca and Lori said...

I've never been and I am so jealous!
Enjoy every second:) Lovely photos.

desert girls vintage

Cait | Home Sweet Ruby said...

I know I'm a bit late seeing this, but we're going to Rome in March and I'm so excited after seeing your photos!! I'm definitely writing down those restaurant and gelato recs too :)