Friday, April 1, 2011

summer days

I'm not sure if you're living in the same beautiful world I am... But it seems as though we went straight from Winter to Summer this year. It's been absolutely gorgeous the past couple of days. The warmth gave me inspiration for this beauty. If this doesn't get you ready for summer days, I don't know what will.

1. Straw Bow Cloche Hat by Topshop

2. Ice Cream Bowls & Spoons by Sur la Table

3. Sage of Innocence Dress by ModCloth

4. Wooden Croquet Set by Anthopologie

5. Backyard Bocce Set by Anthopologie 

6. Blooms Espadrille Slingback Sandal by Nordstrom 

7. Francine Mint Tubular Suede Sandal by Topshop

8. Asymmetrical Ruffle Tank by J. Crew

9. Stripe Farmer's Market Tote by J. Crew

1 comment:

the late afternoon said...

the ice cream bowls are soo cute! i also love the dress!