Monday, April 4, 2011

blue, pink, sparkle

I just want to make sure absolutely everyone was aware of the newest and greatest in the Kate Spade world! She has introduced their bridal line... Wedding Belles (& Whistles)! Adorable. The line incorporates all of the great color combination that define Kate Spade. The blues and pinks and sparkles, coupled with Kate Spade perfection, mixed with wedding bliss... does it get better than this???

Here are my favorite finds under $100!
a. squiggle headband

b. say yes "Mrs." necklace

c. say yes "I do" necklace

d. squiggle barrette

e. kate spade straight barrette

f. kate spade ring

g. very opaque tights

h. mod dot tights

i. metropolitan pearls studs

1 comment:

eleanorose said...

I just got a new Kate Spade bracelet in the mail today! Love, love, love all her stuff!