Monday, November 3, 2014

Fun filled weekend

It was such a fabulous weekend over here. Every bit of it.

It started with an early Friday... which always kicks off the weekend right. We had fun dressing up and greeting all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.
"Cat Burglar"
We also made our own treats: homemade nachos and margaritas. Recipes to come soon!
On Saturday, we went on a long bike ride through town.

It was such a beautiful day and 15 miles later (!!!) we returned from an amazing ride, a picnic lunch and some champagne tasting.
On Sunday, we went to a huge antique faire. If you ever happen to be up here on the first Sunday of the month or are a local... this is not to be missed. They have so much good stuff, old and refurbished. We ended up purchasing our dining room table (custom made!). So exciting getting our house in order, slowly but surely.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

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