Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I miss this fabulous place

I have missed you. This blog. My followers. And blogger friends. It's been wayyy too long!

Getting back into the swing of things after moving back from Dublin, Ireland has been a serious transition. Moving back into our home, finding a job or two and getting back into a schedule and everyday routine. But it is all starting to fall into place.
I hate that I have neglected this fabulous space I love so much. I miss creating posts and reading yours.

And today is my blog anniversary of 4 years and I couldn't not touch base. It's also officially spring and my birthday month!
So, cheers!

I don't know where this little blog will go, but I'm not ready to call it quits. I love it too much.

Until I get it all figured out, I am currently a stylist at Stitch Fix. If you are a client, I would love to be your stylist if you want to request me (Jessica Pigeon)! :)