Wednesday, March 23, 2011

vintage + typography = love

Vintage anything is pretty much right up my alley. Now when you factor in typography... I'm completely over the edge in love! I have been learning so much about font and type faces. I am absolutely enamored! So I thought I would smush the two together today to create a Vintage Chic Collage of some pretty fabulous finds.

       1 Typesetter Plaques
                 by Ballard Designs

       2 Rubber Stamp Set

       3 Smith-Corona Black Typewriter
                 by 2RaymondDesignCo @ Etsy

       4 Vintage Letters- alphabet set
                 by GlamDecay@ Etsy

       5 Letterpress Set Wood Type
                 by angiepea @ Etsy

       6 Pink Retro Rotary Dial Telephone

       7 Secret Love Letter Necklace
                 by BuenoStyle @ Etsy

       8 Vintage Letter Pillow
                 by French Laundry @ Shopstyle

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