Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Week

So yesterday was the official beginning of my birthday week! Its hard for me to understand others don't share the same birthday excitement that I do.  I love celebrating birthdays! Yes, my own... of course. But its not just mine... its the excitement, celebration and anticipation of any birthday that I cannot get enough of!

My birthday is on St Patty's Day, which is a treat all on its own. Everyone in the world is already celebrating on March 17th. I just get to join the party and have my own festivities right along side of the four-leaf clovers and green beer.
The celebrations will commence tomorrow. I have begun the decoration gathering and am preparing to design my first dessert table. There is so much inspiration online through all the blogs I follow. I'm both nervous and excited to see how mine turns out in comparison.
Here are my supplies thus far, that will hopefully turn into something festive, well put together & fun!

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The Bird said...

Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!