Tuesday, July 19, 2011

West Elm sale

I recently got the West Elm magazine in the mail. I love that store! They have some fabulous finds and reasonable prices. I checked out their website and wanted to share some fun sale items with you!
Spice caddy

Stackable glass jars

Apex towers

I love these fun accessories! I could spend some serious time {& money} perusing their store!

And PS... it's a boy!!! :)


Bel said...


<3 Belly B

Nikki said...

Danger, danger. What could I do with stackable glass bottles...

It's a boy?! I must scroll down and read more, are congratulations in order??

birdie to be said...

Oh yes... A new addition to the family yesterday! So very exciting :)

Jenna Lee said...

I just found West Elm and I'm addicted!!!!!! Its terrible

Homestyling101 said...

Yes, those tricky people at West Elm sent the sale catalog- got me excited to shop and somehow suckered me into buying a full priced mirror! Oh well...no buyer's remorse here! Found you on the Mustard Ceiling!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

I really want those towers!!


{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks for sharing the sale. West Elm is full of great stuff.

xoxo, chrissy
The Perfect Palette

little luxury list said...

West Elm has such cute and affordable pieces!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

www.StarHughes.com said...

Love those Apex towers!!! And the bowls too. Both are soo cute!

Oh, My Darling said...

Oooh, so many fantastic homegoods.