Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cleanse Recap

As of this past weekend, our cleanse has officially ended.
My first meal post-cleanse! Two things I couldn't have & was seriously missing!

It was a nice, successful, but long 3 weeks!

It was a great accomplishment, but I am happy it is over.

We had and created some great meals, but for the time being... I am so over smoothies!

I think that pretty much summarizes it. :)

But I will go into it in a little bit more detail. I won't go overboard because I know I have provided updates, recipes & highs and low along the way. And if there is anything I haven't mentioned that you are curious about, either regarding the cleanse or my experiences with it... as always, feel free to contact me. You can leave a comment or email me. Either way, I will definitely get back to you.

I definitely learned a lot about my body during the cleanse. With that being said, I think every metabolism is not created equal. What works for some doesn't necessarily work for all. And what works now, won't necessarily work always.

I think I struggled most with how much to eat and how often. I love snacking, I love making new recipes & trying out new foods. I also enjoy eating healthy and finding new ways to incorporate fiber enriched and nutritious foods into my diet. But I realized that even if I'm eating healthy, I can't have as much as I want. My eyes were bigger than my tummy... or bigger than I want my tummy to be.

I think having a healthy outlook on eating, definitely helped going into this cleanse. It wasn't such a shocker for my body to transition. The foods were fairly similar to what I was eating before- only a lot more smoothies and smaller portion sizes.
Although I haven't eaten a hamburger in over 15 years, I thought this was an interesting article I found on Pinterest about portion size.

I wasn't necessarily eating full burgers and a half a plate of french fries, with cheese, toppings & ketchup. But I realized I was snacking too often and possibly too big of snacks for my body. I think that is one thing I will definitely change post-cleanse.

Gluten-Free & Vegan have also been on my mind through this cleanse. I already removed milk from my diet about 5+ years ago. It wasn't jiving with my stomach. Dairy seems to do that to me. Although I love cottage cheese and frozen yogurt. I think I will just start testing foods out & introducing them little by little to see what does & doesn't work.

All in all, I felt great for the past 3 weeks. My stomach didn't hurt at all, I felt great about myself, lost a few unneeded lbs, and feel healthier than ever. If no one else has made it to the end of this lengthly post, at least I have that go to back to and remind myself of. :)

Happy Tuesday and cheers to a short week. I hope all of you lovely bloggies had a great weekend!


Jenna Lee said...

I gave up gluten a while ago but i still cheat. I have been trying to give up dairy but i love chocolate and cheese too much to let them go! I dont know if I could do it. I love the portion control pc you posted above! So great!

Thanks for sharing and you sweet blog visit!

Alexa said...

Good for you for completing it! Had to be hard!

Sam W. said...

congrats on completing the cleanse!

Nikki said...

I'll have to read that one, and send to my Husband who is awful about portions. We're pretty much primal/paleo these days, but sometimes we fall off the wagon ;)

Sharstin said...

way to go girly--had to be tough!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing the three weeks!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I need to do a cleanse! Too much fun this past weekend ;) The portion distortion is crazy...It is disturbing how much food you are given at restaurants.

-Following! I thought I was ha!

XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

www.StarHughes.com said...

Congrats on finishing the cleanse!!! That's a long time to go without normal food! Though you had some amazing cleanse ideas that looked delicious! I need to do a cleanse too... I keep telling myself I'm going to start any day now, but it's hard to get the motivation! Great job - that's so impressive!!!
Star Hughes Living

Food Glorious Food! said...

YOu inspired me! I am so ready to start my own cleansing regime!

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

That's great that you finished the cleanse! That portion distribution really explains why so many Americans are overweight--portions, portions, portions :)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I made it to the end of the post! Great and honest summary. :) I'm a big believer in portion appropriateness as well. ("Control" sounds like having to struggle to simply eat right!) Even my 6'4" husband has learned that he doesn't need to eat massive amounts of food; he (we all) just needs to eat the right kinds of foods to keep our bodies healthy. Thanks for creating a forum for this discussion!

eleanorose said...

Wohoo! You did it. So proud of you and Bird both! xoxo

birdie to be said...

Thank you all! You are so kind and motivating! xo

natasha {schue love} said...

Great reminder about portion control...it's just crazy how out of control that can get!

Anonymous said...

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