Friday, July 18, 2014

Guest post from Lew Party of 2

Hello! I am Bailley from Lew Party of Two and I am so grateful to be guest posting while Jessica is on her amazing vacation. I mean, Croatia, Turkey, AND Greece?? SO fun. I know she is having an absolute blast! 

My husband Robert and I, like Jessica and her hubby, are newlyweds living in Europe and enjoying/exploring all it has to offer! The best part of living in Europe? I bet you can guess...Traveling! And recently, we have done quite a bit of it. In May, we enjoyed a few weeks in Italy, then shortly after we made the journey back to the states for a couple of months! And since being back home, we have been road tripping like crazy to see lots of loved ones.

With all that traveling, we have some travel essentials that always accompany us. Whether we are traveling by train in Europe, by air from one continent to another, or by road from one state to the next, these items are always in our bag!

/Hand Sanitizer/ kills those nasty germs and makes the hands smell oh so good!

/Nook/ magazines, books, games, the options are endless and entertaining.

/Trail Mix/ a great snack to keep you satisfied and away from gas station and airport junk food!

/Gum/ Let's just say traveling is not easy on the breath. Make sure to pack gum to keep the bad breath away!

/Games/ Sudoku and a deck of cards are our go-to games. Perfect to fill time while waiting in the airport.

/Ear Phones/ Don't forget these! Sometimes it is nice to listen to music while on the train or plane, a great escape from the noise.

These items are a must for us and make the traveling part of a trip so much more enjoyable. So whether you are preparing for a two hour drive or a ten hour flight, add these items to your carry-on. You will be so glad you did!

So excited to hear all about your trip, Jessica! Thank you for having me!


Kristen said...

i love trail mix (or nuts) for travelling, better than plane / airport food!

Cait | Home Sweet Ruby said...

These are definitely my musts for trips too! Especially the iPad and snacks!

Marie said...

Great list, I always have them all in my carry on. I never leave home without my hand sanitizer!! Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love that little word search. I've gotta have a paper and pencil version to tackle my Sudoku. Great list!

Becky M said...

Totally agree with the nook! I bring mine everywhere!!