Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you are all geared up for Halloween!

This year is the first year the Bird & I are in our new home... and we are SO excited to see all the  

If only our porch looked like this:

Here are some last minute decoration ideas:
Tootsie Pops
Milk Cartons
Paper Wreath

And if all else fails...

Happy Halloween!


Jeannie said...

Happy Halloween to you:) love that Paper wreath!

Simply Camylla said...

bhahahhaha I love that sorry were dead thing!

Happy Monday,

sherri lynn said...

That front porch looks amazing! Enjoy your Halloween in your new home! I hope you get lots of precious kiddos at your door :)

jacin {lovely little details} said...

hope you have a fun FIRST ENGAGED halloween!!!! ;)

henning love said...

that last sign is what will be up on my front door today hehe dead from eating too much candy is what my sign will say actually :-) happy halloween jessica!

Suzzie Vehrs said...

hahaha I love the sorry we are dead sign! It is so funny! All of your decorations are exquisitely halloween. love it!

Sam W. said...

cute decor with the milk jugs! will have to do that next year.

hope you had lots of trick or treaters :)